Martin’s Martial Martyrdom: Part 10 – WTC conclusion – men on a mission

Here I am again, back from the dead! After two really shitty weeks and a bit of computer trouble again! It is high time to finish the WTC report, so let’s dive straight into sunday morning, where just getting up required the use of all my focus and feat.

Since the pairings for game 4 were announced on saturday evening, we knew we were playing against Epic Sweden who had a lineup of veteran wargamers I remembered, at least by name, from the olden days of yore and 40k ETCs. We didn’t particularly like any of their lists, so despite winning the roll off again, the matchups we ended up with were nothing to write home about.

I decided to man up after saturday’s poor showing and got promptly chosen for the first matchup – against Mercenaries. The next pairing was Pavel against Cygnar, then Ret against Khador, then our Cygnar against Circle and a Legion mirror. Jocke my opponent had a Bartolo and Damiano list for me to ponder on, so I fell back on my strategy – when in doubt, time him out. So then Mordikaar faced his Damiano list and the scenario was incoming. Jocke ran the following:

Captain Damiano (*6pts)

* Nomad (6pts)
Alexia Ciannor & the Risen (Alexia and 9 Risen Grunts) (5pts)
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
* Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer (2pts)
* * Vanguard (5pts)
Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (Boomhowler and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
Horgenhold Forge Guard (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Steelhead Halberdiers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Steelhead Heavy Cavalry (Leader and 4 Grunts) (10pts)
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord (2pts)


I went first, ran forward, managed to get one or two Bloodrunners on a hill for extra def. Jocke’s Steelhead contingent was on my left side aiming to attack my zone, while Boomies, the dwarfs and the Vanguard with Surefoot protected his zone. The Nomad along with Alexia and the Gunmages were in the middle. With Deadeye the Gunmages managed to kill a few Bloodrunners, leaving the unit leader knocked down on the hill however. Jocke felt that with KD he was no threat.

I happily revived my Bloodrunners into charge range of the Gun Mages thanks to the KDed unit leader and then used the Tyrant Commander to stand him up. I had good rolls with the Bloodrunners on top of it all, not even needing Puppet Master to kill all Gun Mages I could reach, including their officer. I then shadowplayed into solid jamming positions with my feat up. Jocke spent a lot of time pondering what to do on his turn, since DEF 17 on the Bloodrunners was a lot and behind them my Cetrati brick was approaching fast. On the other side Nihilators with DEF 16 were also a thing and if he commited too many halberdiers, I could easily berserk them off the table next turn. My casualties were quite light in the end and besides the attrition advantage I also gained the time advantage. On my next turn, I cleared a few Risen who tried to halt the Cetrati march and also to lower Alexia’s health pool, so the Drake could take her out. My Nihilators went to work on the Halberdiers and Cavalrymen. I made one mistake with the Bloodrunners, where I was too greedy and attacked the Dwarfs with Deathmarch, killing just one and triggering their vengeance, which resulted in all of the Bloodrunners being wiped out with the bonus attacks.

Damiano’s feat came next and my Cetrati got reduced qutie significantly. Damiano was too far away however to catch his Steelheads in his controll area. I kept replenishing Nihilators and Cetrati and I managed to get the Bronzeback into play finally, running rampant in the Dwarfs’ ranks. By now Jocke was running out of time and Steelheads, so he made some hasty attacks, failed to kill the Bronzeback with a fully loaded Nomad and failed to finish off Vorkesh, but that was more or less it. By now a crowd has gathered at our table, since as it happened, it was the round-deciding game and for a change I pulled the team through! It has to be said that we got some luck back to balance out round 1 in Pavel and Jaromir’s games for a close 3-2 win.

With our confidence back in place we were now looking forward to the last game and a shot at a decent 4-1 finish. Our last opponent turned out to be team Epic England full of my english buddies and featuring the reigning EU Champion Phil Shaw. This time I lost the roll off, so as a penalty I put myself forward demanding a victim cheekily 😛 I was allowed to choose between Liam’s Trolls and Jason’s Circle and I eventually decided to troll the Trolls, which left Jason with a dubious choice of Pavel and Mixo. Jason decided to try his luck at the bucket o’Cataphracts and Mixo ended up in yet another Legion mirror with Pat. Jaromir faced Kris’ PoM and at the last table Martin had the opportunity to fight for european Cygnar supremacy 🙂

Liam had two pretty, funny and fluffy theme lists in Family Reunion and pGrissel’s tier. When in doubt, time him out. So it was pGrissel and a trollion of infantry, I think 3 units of Kriel warriors with 2 Cabers each and 1 UA, some light beasts, Burrowers as well as Bushwackers with the usual support. Liam went first and as expected was at my doorstep after his turn was done. I charged in and despite not being in optimal positions yet, I feated. It forced Liam to Caber slam some of his own models to kill my Bloodrunners, so the attrition was going well. I have to admit as well, that tough rolls were basically an unknown for Liam much to my delight. My feat at least forced Liam to delay his and I got another turn of whack-a-troll before the avalanche hit. We were playing Close Quarters and I had trouble actually getting near his flag to contest. Liam’s feat turn was bloody and painfull. The Caber guys made a mockery of my stalwart Cataphracts and my Bronzeback was jammed and isolated. It was up to my Drake to spray tons of trolls off the table. With some difficulties I managed to get the Bronzeback back in the game for the final turn as Liam’s clock was winding down and he would have been a problem for his thinning infantry army had we played on. Also, my Nihilators carved their way slowly from the right flank into the middle of the table. I was able to prevent Liam from achieving a scenario victory, which resulted in a time loss for him in the end. Although I think I finished my game last again, the round has been allready decided when Jaromir was the only one to loose his game and so we achieved our goal to go undefeated after the unfortunate 1st round. Our 4-1 record was only good enough for 6th place though, since we had the worst SoS because of the early loss. Nevertheless it put us into good company with both the US teams, Prime Sweden and Prime Austria as the only other 4-1 teams. Our lists worked well, Pavel even went undefeated. We did also ok at the matchup process yet still got a few ideas for improvement for next year. Most importantly, it proved that we can play with the best of them and hold our own.

There are too many people to thank and I would hate to forget someone, so I’ll just say that the Warmachine community is incredible and I’d wish to have the WTC at least bi-monthly for a chance to meet everyone more often. Congratulations to team Poland for making it all the way to the top and making it on our target priority list 😉

I’ll leave you with a shameless plug for a chance to meet and play with some of Europe’s finest next year in april at Steamstorm. We allready have a lot of EU WMH celebrities either confirmed or very tempted to come. See you hopefully next week, where I’ll finally return with some meaningfull list discussion for a change.


One thought on “Martin’s Martial Martyrdom: Part 10 – WTC conclusion – men on a mission

  1. Sounds like it was a blast! I’ve been planning on playing around with Mordikaar after Warmachine Weekend is done, I’ve always found him interesting, and any excuse to use Bloodrunners!

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