Stu’s WTC Recap episode!

I returned from the WTC only to immediately catch a cold and spend a week mostly in bed. Now that I’m recovered I’m going to write a brief recap of my games from the weekend as best as I can remember them a little over a week later. I wrote this pretty quickly so apologies in advance for any errors/spelling mistakes/etc… Let’s do this!

Round One: USA Red

So I may have had a few drinks on the Friday night, just a few mind, and showed up on Saturday morning quite hungover. In the pairing system I was put up first and USA dropped Mike Puryear (Menoth) and Keith Christianson (Cryx) opposite me. So I’m going straight under the bus it seems. There’s no way I can play the Cryx match and, as you may or may not be aware, our meta has almost no Menoth. I play Mike and he picks Harbinger to go against my Madrak2 list. In hindsight his list didn’t have much armour cracking so I should have dropped Runes even though the Book basically negates Runeshapers.

The game is pretty simple. I think Mike goes first. I rush forward and don’t burrow my burrowers yet (possibly also a mistake). Turn 2 Mike Feats and clears off some of my infantry but only a handful of burrowers. My turn two I burrow my burrowers and make a few lateral moves to try and get some attacks that don’t really do anything. Mike’s Turn 3 he gets his Dirge of Misted Errants into my Fennblades and both units fail their command checks….shit. This basically makes my Feat turn a bit shit. He clears more models and dominates the zone for two points. I use Madrak’s feat to try and clear some Errants but my Scattergunners perform pretty terribly and I achieve little and I try to get Madrak onto the flag by killing Nicia and spending a Fury to move base to base with the flag. She’s in Martyrdom range and through 5 attacks I fail to roll a single Crit to get Grievous Wounds on her. I manage to jam some models into the zone. On Mike’s turn Nicia kills the Stone and he puts some shots into Madrak. Madrak gets charged by an Errant Seneschal who rolls 5, 5, 5, 6 on his damage roll and Madrak explodes. He had a Reckoner waiting in the wings if that didn’t work, though, so I was dead no matter what.

This wasn’t a game I as likely to win. I’ve only played the Harby match up twice before but still I wish I could have had a closer game. My dice kind of shat on me all game which made it a lot harder than it needed to be but that’s life I suppose. Should have picked Runes of War.

In conclusion: Errant Seneschals are busted.

Round Two: Finland Blue

I got paired up against Tatu’s Circle and we played Kreuger2 vs. Doomy1 in Incursion. I went first and deployed my models fairly evenly to take on any flag on the table. Mulg was slightly to the left while the Mauler and EBDT were on the right with Runeshapers spread evenly across the table. Tatu deploys almost his entire army on my right. Turn one I rush forward and set up to contest any flag. Tatu double ports one of his Pureblood’s forward and clears out some Runeshapers with a Spray and moves the rest of his army forward. At the end of his turn the flag on my left disappears…shit. He had no models to contest that one.

My Turn 2 I try and get more models onto the flags but there’s a forest getting in my way on the right and I don’t want to just feed him a heavy since he has two Purebloods ready to charge in. Mulg begins moving to the right but is taking his sweet time. Tatu’s turn he feats and pushes my models off the flag and dominates for 2, he also commits Megalith to the middle around this time. My turn I get a couple models into contesting range of the flag (with great difficulty) and Mulg kills Megalith (this could have happened the next turn, honestly it was a bit of a side show). Tatu’s turn he throws my EBDT out of range of contesting with a Pureblood and scores 2 more points. This isn’t going well. I manage to get an Earthborn onto Kreuger this turn but he has a ton of transfers so I’m mostly hoping to blow up some of his warpwolves with crazy damage rolls. I’m at Dice + 7 (Rage is up) and I manage to do a decent amount of damage to one Pureblood and the Gorax but not really enough. Tatu’s turn he kills the EBDT and wins on Control Points.

Tatu did a risky gamble and it paid off. If the flag on my right had disappeared I’m not sure he could have won that game but it was a ballsy move and it paid off. I gotta respect that.

I love this image so much I’ll forgive Finland for trying to drink us to death on Friday.

Round Three: Belgium Red

So today isn’t going so well for me but it can only go up from here! I play Circle again this time against Alexandre’s Cassius list. I’m pretty excited for this, actually, since I love Cassius and seeing him on the table is great. I drop Runes again since he has limited armour cracking potential. I think I went first this game? I don’t remember this game as well.

Highlights: a lucky Runeshaper deviation blows up Cylena on Turn 2 making his Nyss a lot less useful. I jam him with Runeshapers who kill the Gallows Groves in melee (not sure he expected that) and follow up with beasts. Mulg manages to get on the Stalker and kill it but dies to the Feral in turn. The EBDT kills the Feral and the next turn manages to goad into melee with the Tree and kills Cassius. It was a fun game and my luck definitely went more my way than the previous games. It helped that my opponent wasn’t overly familiar with Runes of War and I’m pretty familiar with what his stuff did.

I don’t have a joke here, I just fucking love this model.

Round Four: Switzerland

Our team threw Ciaran under the bus vs. Cryx to get me a match up against Skorne, something I’m very familiar against and confident in playing, so I had better win this one. I was less hungover this morning (now on Sunday) than I had been on Saturday so this should be fine. I play Madrak2 vs. Henrik’s Chain Gang list. The scenario was Incoming

I go first again and rush forward. On the top of turn 2 I manage to get about 4 Blood Furied Fennblades onto his Gladiator and blow it up with some pretty hot damage rolls. I also get some attacks on one of his Bronzebacks and his Sentry and do a few points to them. In response he clears out my first wave of Fennblades and gets his Gators into my second unit who thankfully make their command check. My burrowers pop up on Turn 3 and kill the Sentry but leave the Bronzeback they could get to alive. The game goes on like this for a bit as he clears out my models with Trainwrecked Bronzebacks and I respond with Blood Furied troopers. I forget how many turns this game was. Around round 4 or 5 I realize I have less than 8 minutes on my deathclock and he has about 20, I have to start winning this now. I charge Madrak into my friendly zone and use his feat to clear out all but one paingiver in the zone. I then activate my Swamp Troll and with two boosted attacks he clears out the paingiver and I dominate. Henrik runs a model into the zone on his turn and clears some more models. On my turn Madrak kills that model and I run more models in to jam his stuff. This goes on for about 3 more turns until eventually he can’t stop me dominating on his turn. His last ditch effort is to use Sunder Spirits to blow up his objective to give his last Bronzeback a path to run into the zone and contest but it fails due to some poor damage rolls. He ends up clocking out as he tries to figure out a way to contest the zone with only a handful of models.

Oh Tubby McButterpants how much I relish my victories over you.

Round Five: Denmark White

This is the team I wanted to see least. Two Cryx players and Butcher3 means three bad match ups for me. Somewhat luckily I get Simon’s Butcher3 list, the least worst option for me, but it’s still going to be rough. I can’t drop Madrak2 since that list is full of non-fearless infantry that Butcher’s Feat will shit all over. Runes of War it is! The scenario was Close Quarters

This game is pretty fast. I managed to clear some of his infantry as he approached but not nearly enough since Runeshaper blast damage did nothing vs. Boomhowlers or IFP. I managed to clear a lane to Butcher3 for a Raged Mulg to goad his way to (only needing a charge and one goad, so still 3 Fury for attacks). Butcher was on full camp so even at POW 22 I was dice minus 2 and needed to boost to hit because I had been hit by Boomie’s Rage Howler making me MAT 5 and Butcher had a Wardog so he was DEF 16. I got two boosted hits into him with one boosted damage roll leaving him at two points after spiking the damage on my second attack. Butcher was under Doomy’s feat so he couldn’t kill Mulg in response without dying so Simon did something I didn’t expect, he ran out of the killbox with Butcher. He then put more pressure on me with the rest of his list. On my turn I managed to dominate my flag but had to burn Doomy’s fury to do so and got shot to death as a result. I should have put more effort into keeping Doomy alive but I forgot how effective POW 10s are when your Warlock is only 13/15.

One cool strategy Simon did against me was run his Widowmakers down the extreme flank of the table. Then on Turn 3 he turned them back towards the center of the table and shot my Krielstone to bits. In general he put a lot more effort into kill my KSB than most players do which was a really smart thing to do.

I got Butcher3 to Killbox himself, though, so that’s like a win..right?

Overall I finished 2-3. I’m not sure there’s a situation where I could have won that game vs. Puryear just do to lack of familiarity with his list but the other two losses I think I could possibly have won. That’s how it goes, though, and now I have a personal goal if I make the team next year: I want to finish at least 3-2.

This went longer than I expected so I’ll just wrap it up here. Cheers for reading!


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