Martin’s Martial Martyrdom: Part 9 The WTC – Na zdravie, Sláinte, Skål, Prost, Cheers!!

Hello again everybody, I hope you all had a great weekend as well, coz I sure did! 🙂 As I am sure you already read everywhere, or even experienced for yourself, the WTC was awesome. Since there was so much more to it than just the games, I’ll try to keep my batreps really short this time so I can cover the entire event. Friday   I start by oversleeping because I accidentally set my alarm an hour late, so I get woken by Pavel calling me that he is already waiting at our meeting spot. …Sigh. I hurry as best as I can, so on my way to pick up our Cygnar player Matto I am calling him to get out and he isn’t picking up… I give it a second try just to see I misclicked on my speed dial button and called someone else previously. 😛 Great start.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!? – Martin Hornacek, October 2013 (Ed.)

Eventually we all get together and the journey goes well, though it is terribly far. 1160 km is quite a distance. After a bit of milling around the premises we finally find our way to the gym and it is already packed full. The greeting starts, so I quickly grab a beer to start catching up and break out my bottle of pear spirit, which practically disappears in the blink of an eye. Good thing I brought plastic shot glasses! Bad thing I just brought ONE FREAKING bottle, what the hell was I thinking?? We rummage around at the shop sale in the back of the gym and grab a few terrific deals, since not many others seem to have taken the time yet to check it out. I am very happy with my vintage GF9 Cygnar Storm Research Station terrain. The main fun of the evening starts when we reenact the Blair Witch Project and go looking through the woods for our sleeping quarters in pitch black darkness using only mobile phone spot lights for illumination. The rooms are quite spartan and not very hospitable, so we escape back to the gym and a bit more socialising, which goes well into the night.


After a shower of champions fueled by a special Alcohol Killer drink I make my way to the breakfast, where I fail at spreading rock hard cold butter on paper thin XXL sheets of bread. Nevermind, let’s hurry for round 1. Of course our matchup matrix we discussed and filled out on our journey is left in the car, so we are gonna do the pairing on the fly. After some technological hiccups the pairings are announced and we get a tough team right from the start – Germany Red. The team includes Cryx, PoM, Circle, Legion and Skorne. I manage to win the roll off, so they put up PoM, who eventually chooses our Cygnar. Our Ret gets a rematch from the ETC against Cryx, I play Circle, and our Skorne plays their Legion, which features Saeryn with 4 Angeliuses, while their Skorne faces our Legion. I play Rasheth against a well rounded Cassius build and my Gators get raped by the Bloodtrackers thanks to Curse of Shadows. Next I loose my Sentry to a teleporting Ghetorix, whom I manage to get to with my Gladiator by charging a Gator nearby. Ghetorix is in the Krea’s aura so I need sixes to hit. I miss one I think, more or less according to statistics and once Ghetorix is left with 3 hp and I have 2 fury left I decide to play it safe so I boost the last attack I buy and…. 2,2,1. Holy shit on a stick Batman, that’s not good. Even though my opponent forgets to heal Ghetorix before activating him, the 3 hp are left in his Spirit so he can force to regenerate. With Primal up the Gladiator stands no chance and my Bronzeback is then controlled with Stranglehold, so with something over a minute left on his clock, my opponent pulls off a scenario win. While Pavel utterly crushed the Saeryn list with his Cataphract horde and Mixo, our Legion player, assassinates eMakeda, even worse luck than mine struck my other two teammates. Matto is about to finish off Kr3oss who has some 4 boxes left, but needs to get out of combat with a Reckoner with his Defender. The Reckoner hits in spite of rolling just one die due to a destroyed right arm, but what’s even more dire, with just those two dice of damage he takes out the Defender’s shooting arm…!! Matto still goes for the shot, boosts the hit and misses a 6 or 7 on 2D6. In our Ret game Terminus puts out fire on himself 3 times after each other and survives eventually with 4 boxes as well, while single-handedly destroying Hyperion. So a pretty stunning defeat, made even more painful by the fact that we have been really badly diced. We go for lunch, which stinks. Literally. We get served fish, which I hate, so I just take two portions of soup, which doesn’t improve my mood in any way. I try to rally the guys, since a decent placement is still possible if we win all the remaining rounds so we are ready to vent our gaming fury on an unsuspecting team Norway Blue. They had Minions, PoM, double Cygnar and Ret. Pavel got the Minions, Jaromir (Ret) and me played against Cygnar and our Cygnar took PoM, while their Ret faced Mixo. While others only drank with him, I got to play against Leif the legend and so my Mordikaar hit the table against his Stryker2. This was a pretty good matchup for me and I managed to control the game with my Bloodrunners killing his Forgeguard, Nihilators his Swordknights, my Drake his Alexia while the Agonizer took care of the Stormwall. Since time was running out for Leif as well, he was looking for a desperate assassination, but a Countercharge from the Bronzeback clogged up an already improbable path even more. So instead Stryker went for the Bronzi, but left him standing with 1 box, which is not what a focusless caster wants to see. Pavel destroyed Rask with Naaresh, Matto erased Feora2 from the table, while Jaromir assassinated Haley2. Only Mixo managed to get timed out against Kaelyssa, since he had to play very carefully due to her assassination potential against warlocks. A useful confidence boost, yet of course all the hard work was still in front of us. For the last round of the day we got paired with our friends from Austria Red, who had PoM, Legion, Cryx, Skorne and Cygnar. As in both previous rounds I luckily won the important roll off. Jaromir got into some teasing and trash talking with their PoM player who claimed to have a good shot against Ravyn with his eSevvy list, so we then offered this match and he turned out to have the pair to accept it. In addition the Austrians featured a scary pSkarre 30 Bane Knight list, which no one else apart from Mordikaar wanted to face, so we were hoping to somehow get Alexander, whom I played in the last round of the EU Masters, paired with me again. Surprisingly we actually did manage to make it happen and thus the remaining 3 matchups were Pavel against Cygnar, Matto against Legion and Mixo against Skorne. This time Alexander went for his eGaspy list after Skarre didn’t work out so well last time. The game got off to an awkward start when after we chose sides a patch of rough terrain on my side of the table turned out to be a wood. Although Alexander offered to switch sides because of this new development I inexplicably declined. I even considered to move the terrain, since it was not supposed to be within 3″ of the objective, but eventually I decided to let even that slide. Must have been some of the fatigue from the previous day’s drive and partying (gotta find at least SOME excuse…). Alexander had a slightly unusual build featuring 2 units of Bane Knights, which turned out to be really good against me. Thanks to the terrain and objective setup, Alex was able to block my advance and LoS with just a few well placed cloud effects, although I managed to revive some Nihilators behind the clouds and still kill some Bane Knights it left the others quite bunched up in the wood, because they had nowhere to go, yet still wanted to see out of the woods to be able to eventually charge out if necessary. This proved to be a mistake, since the Withershadow combine got rid of their Banishing Ward and I didn’t tough the inevitable Excarnate, thus some 7-8 Nihilators got wiped out by one purge. On the other side, where I had Alexander’s advance jammed up pretty well with Bloodrunners, his Knights simply ran away from combat to the side, so that I was left wide open for yet another purge. This was obviously a massive attrition swing against me, though I fought on. My Drake was spraying again tons of models, revived Nihilators kept charging into the Banes on their side and I even took out Admonia. I was also able to keep my Cetrati unharmed mostly. Alex was eventually starting to loose the attrition war, especially since I was able to keep my Bronzeback safe all the time, so he went for an feat assassination. He misplayed it though, and although it wouldn’t have been by no means easy, he probably would be able to Curse Mordikaar with Tartarus. Since he didn’t and his rolls were average, I survived. Most importantly, Gaspy forgot to teleport away, so I was at an advantage, since he got a nice damage roll before from the Drake’s spray. At this point, I heard that we had already won the round and combined with my slipping concentration I simply went for a stupid half-assed assassination instead of simply running away with Mordikaar and wrapping up the game on time and attrition. It failed of course and left me open for a return assassination which succeeded for Gaspy. I still believe however, that Mordikaar is the best bet Skorne has against Gaspy and even in complicated circumstances (good Gaspy build, bad terrain) it is playable, though not easy obviously, but I never claimed that.


Lichin’ ain’t easy!

Pavel, becoming our battering ram, again very convincingly pushed Kraye off the other side of the table. I hear he forced him even to Killbox himself while fleeing the Incindiarii, who supposedly out shot Cygnar 😀 Matto managed to pull off a nice win against eVayl and Jaromir backed up the boasting game with results. Mixo had a good game up to the point where a simple Gladiator practically one rounded his Archangel with uber hot damage rolls. I was very happy that the team was strong enough to cover up even when I fucked up and we were back on track, but first there was again some partying to be done and a fearsome opponent to face in the morning, which I’ll tell you all about next time, since my word limit disappeared just like my bottle of pear spirit.

Na zdravie, Sláinte, Skål, Prost, Cheers!!



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