What I Learned on the Forums This Week 26


Another week another collection of exciting and interesting discussion from the Forums for you to read about. This week was a bit slow as things go but that doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty to discuss! Read on and enjoy!

Weird Mark I discussion in the Merc Forums

The Merc forums had a vaguely functional discussion of why Mercenary warjacks are not that great. It’s pretty obvious: MAT 6 POW 17 isn’t stellar even on a six point warjack with reach. It’s not terrible, it’s just not great. That’s part of why Mercs are an infantry faction. The other reason is that Mercs have almost no Warjack support but that’s a discussion for another time. What was weird in this discussion was people bringing up what Merc ‘jacks did in Mark I as if that was relevant. I’m as big a fan of weird Mark I nostalgia as much as anyone but it’s not relevant to any conversation about those models. Ignoring the obvious problem that Mark I warjacks were all terrible it’s pointless to talk about rules that don’t exist anymore. It might be entertaining but saying that the Nomad used to be P+S 18 but no reach is a waste of time. I was mostly just confused by this part of the discussion rather than enraged. Why were people bothering to bring it up? I guess the discussion started by comparing Merc warjacks to other factions warjacks which is also kind of pointless but at least the rules on those models are up to date I guess? Why can’t the Merc forums have actually productive conversations about models? That would be great.

Obviously the Nomad didn’t have reach, look at that puny sword.

Ret players are always scared of Lylyth2

When building a Retribution list you know what I immediately ask myself? How does this deal with the Lylyth2 match up. This is, of course, the most important match up to determining whether my list is good or not. I specifically build my lists with consideration for a skew list that doesn’t see much play at the moment. Really you have to make sure you can survive that Feat when it tries to kill your warcaster because we play Retribution and Retribution only plays for assassination. Scenarios are for other factions. This makes Lylyth2 a much harder game because she’s normally quite weak on Scenario but Ret can’t take advantage of that weakness. It’s also unfortunate that Lylyth2 is apparently able to kill every warcaster in the game bar none. That’s why Vyross2, the ‘caster with the best defensive stats in the game and a reliable access to cover from his wrecked Griffons, is super vulnerable to her attack. It’s not like a camping Vyross2 sitting in cover is basically unkillable by Ravagores because they need 14s to hit and are at dice minus three before considering any Focus camp. Maybe considering other match ups would be worthwhile…

Using support in a Troll list is bad.

So Burrowers are good right? Wrong! Burrowers are MAT 4 and RAT 4 which makes them terrible no matter what. You think the Burrowing rule is amazing? Cheap unit cost mitigates bad stats? Good Defense for Trolls is a bonus? WRONG! MAT 4. RAT 4. That’s all there is to it. Sure you could take some of your fancy pants Trollblood support models like the Fell Caller but that’s 3 points you’ve spent on top of the Burrowers cost to make them okay! You’re just wasting points on that weapon master solo with two attacks and a spray that can buff the rest of your army because he’s amazing. Then you have a Command stat problem so you’ve got to sink three more points into a solo to fix that. Now you’re down 6 points and basically you’re going to lose. That’s just an absurd amount of support that only serves to buff one unit in this list. You can’t use those buffs for any other unit in your list because they’re coded to the Burrowers DNA which is a totally bullshit rule by the way. That’s why Burrowers, like 99.9% of Trollblood models, are terrible and unplayable. Just leave them in your bag.

Sit down and let me tell you a story about how Synergy killed your parents.

Retribution has to take Ossyan to destroy Colossals

So obviously Ossyan is amazing at blowing up Colossals. No one’s disputing that. However, let’s imagine that for some reason you don’t want to take Ossyan as one of your lists because you hate winning. How do you deal with Colossals using a Retribution army? Your Warjacks have pitiful power and so can’t crack armour nearly well enough to remove one colossal let alone some skew that has two of them. All you brought were Phoenixes which won’t get the job done. If only Retribution had a unit of POW 12 Weapon Masters. That would really help with this problem. But what if all your weapon masters died on the approach because of Colossal’s ability to clear infantry? The real solution to this problem would be to have a Colossal of your very own. That would really help deal with those other Colossals. Especially because you could use the Arcanist to boost his Strength and make him hit super hard and then have him pummel a Colossal to death. First you might want to soften it up at range, though, like maybe with some sort of good shooting unit? Something that rolls extra dice against warjacks and ignores defensive buffs? Ah well, it’s all a pipe dream anyway since Ret doesn’t have any of that stuff because they’re terrible.

Hero Thread: Tharn Ravagers are vastly underrated and hyper competitive by soius_69

I went back and forth on picking this thread because it has some stupid moments and some people making bad points which I like to avoid when posting Hero Threads. However, this thread is really the one that stuck with me the most this week. Part of that is it started out looking like it was going to be terrible. I really expected this thread to wind up in one of the mocking posts it’s OP was that bad but then to my extreme bafflement it went good places! I did not see that happening. Then it did the really unexpected. It made me want to play Ravagers. That’s something I didn’t expect at all. Finally, the OP loves Grayle and I love that guy so he’s all good in my book. Enjoy!

That’s all for this week! Tomorrow I leave for the great wasteland of Belgium to drink at the WTC and possibly play some Warmachine…if I have to. My excitement over that has somewhat curbed my rage so I’ll leave you on a happy note this week! See you next week!

One thought on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 26

  1. Hey mate!
    Thanks for the shoutout… uhh I think. Honestly I have found the PP forums to be a wretched hive of scum and villiany. I have posted so many battle reports with pictures, thoughts, and threads, and I am lucky to get a single comment. I decided the only way to actually generate a conversation was to be wildly accusatory and say something vastly outrageous. I personally do use Ravagers in three of my main competitive lists, and they have been amazing. I plan to continue using them, and will report on my results. I guess what I am saying is dont believe the forums all the time. There is plenty of room for unique and innovative thought.


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