Learning Legion – NWG Battle Report 2 + 3

I’m back again! Time for game 2 and 3. Hot on the heels of my first game victory I’m straight into my second.

This time I’m facing off against Overload Online’s very own Valkine, he of the Forum Rage and WTC Team Ireland’s resident Troll player. He’s got the following list:

Game 2 – Incoming
Faction: Circle

Grayle the Farstrider (*6pts)
* Gorax (4pts)
* Pureblood Warpwolf (9pts)
* Warpwolf Stalker (10pts)
* Warpwolf Stalker (10pts)
Shifting Stones (2pts)
Shifting Stones (2pts)
Lord of the Feast (4pts)

Threat out the wazzoo. I’m feel threatened just thinking about it. The idea seems to be to rocket hard hitting heavies at your opponent and make favourable heavy for heavy trades, while retaining super-solo Grayle for that assassination run.

I pick eVayl. Again, I’m pretty sure 3Lylyth could’ve been fine, but his other list was pMorvahna, and I wanted eVayl on the table for Purification. pMorvahna also had a Woldwrath, and 3Lylyth does not like big stone dudes (she’s a stone-racist).

“I’m such a badass I can’t put my hood on straight!”


I win the roll to go first (with a 7 again!) and again choose to go first. I deploy in my standard formation. There’s a hill to my right, close to my opponent’s zone, where a single Angelius will be going, there’s a forest covering part of my zone, which is where the Scythean, Pot and Ravagore will be aiming for. In the middle of his table side, just outside his deployment, are a couple of veritical obstacles. He deploys in a line, ADs his stones. Crucially, he ADs both sets of stones, which means I don’t have to worry about double-porting stalkers in turn 1.

Round 1

Legion: Fairly standard opening. Admonition on an Angelius, Refuge on another. Tenacity on both. This time I walk up, because even though there’s no double port, I’m a big scaredy cat. The Admonition Angelius runs onto the hill putting him on DEF 17 against all of the shooting my opponent has… The Refuge Angelius runs to his left, but within 12″ so he can provide his buddy some back up if needed. The Scythean runs towards the left zone. The Pot follows him, the Ravagore walks and floats a shot towards a stone (need to stop doing this, should just run into aiming position unless there are juicy AD targets I have a chance of killing with POW 8). The Shepherds shuffle up behind their beasties. One for the Ravagore, one for the Scythean. The harrier chills to their right.

Circle: My opponent puts Storm Rager on the Lord of the Feast and advances, he shoots the Scythean, ports behind him, kills the Shepherd and bounces off the Scythean. Wooops, gotta remember that guy next time. The rest of the beasties advance, with one stalker advancing into a set of stones and porting into an Angelius. He doesn’t get any attacks as he’s already activated, so I’m a trifle confused, but it’s possible it’s just a jamming strategy.

Round 2:

Legion: I upkeep both my spells. The pot moves up and the pot dudes try to poke the LotF to death, but alas, apparently their training didn’t involve “How to Poke – 101”. The Harrier tries but can’t break the armour. Sadly, the Scythean slices his face off in two hits. The two Angelii combine to take out the Stalker. Turns out POW 14 Armour Piercing is really good against Circle Wolves. One Angelius then refuges back to his original position. The other remains on the hill with Admonition on. Vayl recasts Refuge on the Angelius who used it before and moves up a little bit, towards the friendly objective. They both get Tenacity again, as does Vayl. The Ravagore aims and kills a stone, also setting Grayle on fire but doing no damage.

Circle: Fire goes out. Boooooo! My opponent says “I need to kill an Angel”. I agree, as they’re going to absolutely terrorise him when they’re both still flapping about. To cut a long story short, some beasts are engaged by heavies, the Pureblood sprays and does a little bit of damage to the Shredder. The shifting stones port up towards my Angelii. Grayle then puts Storm Rager on himself. He charges the Shifting Stones and I admonition my Angelius into him. This was a mistake. At the time, I’m worried about Vayl, thinking he’s about to do some sort of jukey assassination and kill me through 3 transfers. Derp. He kills his stone, then lays into the Angelius and I’m let off for my poor play as terrible dice leave the Angelius alive and Grayle unable to sprint to safety on 0 Fury.

Legion: I feat, purify Storm Rager to remove the DEF buff and the Ravagore punches Grayle in the face after the Angelius misses his attacks.


This was never going to come down to scenario, there’s just too much assassination potential on both sides. I needed to be supremely scared of Grayle’s threat, and he needed to be concerned about that sexy double Oblit action that Vayle can pull. He lost a heavy early to no gain, and that set him back on attrition. He needed to pull a ballsy move to get back into the game, and it didn’t pay off. I’ve not seen that many 4’s to hit in a long time.

I’m now 2-0 and into the top 4. Win this game and glory awaits me in the final. Lose, and I return home on my Shield, a defeated warrior.

Game 3 – Fire Support
Opponent: I_Avian/Anto
Faction: Cryx

Welp, another Overloader, another WTC Team Ireland member and this time he’s got all sorts of gribbly undead. It’s time for 3Lylyth to get a ride out. She’s there as my anti-infantry caster so let’s test her mettle. Anto has two lists with him, eSkarre and I think pDenny. He picks eSkarre.


Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast (*6pts)
* Deathjack (12pts)
* Nightmare (10pts)
Satyxis Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Satyxis Raider Sea Witch (2pts)
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts)
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor (2pts)
Pistol Wraith (3pts)
Satyxis Raider Captain (2pts)



I win the roll to go first, this time with a 6 (no +1, so unfair). I pre-deploy 3Lylyth front and centre. Typhon to her right, Scythean to her left.  Succubus and Forsaken behind her, Shredder next to Typhon. Striders and the Deathstalkers AD to the left flank.

He puts his Satyxis spread out in a long line across his deployment, Skarre, Nightmare and DJ opposite Lylyth. Prey goes on Typhon. Both solos sit next to Skarre.

Round 1:

Legion: The Shredder puts tenacity on Lylyth and walks. I cast Escort and trample Lylyth forward 12″. Typhon runs 14″ next to her on the right, the Scythean goes 14″ on her left.  The Succubus and the Forsaken run up as far as they can go, the Forsaken making sure she doesn’t scare off the Succubus.

My strider package spreads out on the left and backs up a bit, trying to get as little engaged as possible by his Satyxis jam.

Cryx: I get jammed by Satyxis on the left. They mini-feat and run to engage as many striders as possible. He then runs Deathjack and Nightmare infront of me (about 5″ away), moves Skarre up and feats, targetting Skarre, Deathjack, Nightmare, Typhon and my Scythean. Unexpected benefit of being a massive base… No Skarre feat. Awesome! Gormon moves up to my right and makes himself priority target number 1, the Satxyis Solo is close to him, they’re both basing a hill. Orin is on my left but not close enough to really do anything.

Round 2:

Legion: Well. This is a situation I wasn’t expecting. I’m sitting here with two heavies I can’t attack with, staring down 3 models I can’t make attacks against. His heavies are about 5″ away from 3Lylyth. I spend a good 5 minutes thinking about this turn before taking the playbook and throwing it out the window. With a cry of “PAGE 5 BABY WOOO!” I start the turn.

I upkeep Escort. Typhon puts his animus up and tramples 11″ to be base to base with Skarre. The Forsaken advances and removes his Fury. The shredder puts tenacity up on Lylyth, and the Succubus puts it on the Scythean. Lylyth then tramples diagonally, over the Forsaken (splat) onto the hill that includes Gormon and the Solo. She shoots Gormon down, using 1 fury to do so, and camps 4.  She doesn’t get a free spell because Orin is a big meany.

As the last part of my crazy plan, the Scythean runs to between Deathjack and Lylyth. Anto will need to remove him to get Deathjack to her. The Striders ineffectually swing at some Satyxis.

Lylyth is now about 4″ away from Skarre, sitting on DEF 15 ARM 19 with 4 transfers. I like to imagine she’s got a foot on each Raptor, arms spread wide, screaming “Come at me bro!”.

Cryx: I think I have thrown a spanner in the works. He allocates 3 to DJ, putting him on 5, and 2 to Nightmare. Nightmare boosts a 2handed throw on the Scythean and throws him out the way. Deathjack goes into Lylyth and manages to only make her transfer twice, DEF 15 proving too much for him, leaving her on 6 boxes with 2 transfers. Skarre goes in, taking a free strike from Typhon that smacks her up a bit (no crit pitch, I am sad) but can’t get through the transfers I have left.

Skarre is engaged by Lylyth, with Typhon nearby, she’s feated, life-traded and been free-struck to about 3-4 boxes left. My opponent offers me his hand and I’m in the finals!


Anto stumped me on Turn 1, and I came out swinging. I figured I had two options, retreat and almost certainly lose on Attrition/Scenario, or go “Balls Deep Aggression”(tm) and hope Lylyth’s resilience sees me through. Turns out it’s pretty tough to kill Lylyth.

This is the highest I’ve ever placed in a tournament, and as I’m watching the other Semi-Final go on, I’m already pleased with my performance. I figure I’d better prepare myself though, as the last game finishes and I’m up against Pat, my Cygnar nemesis, and he’s bringing eHaley…

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Learning Legion – NWG Battle Report 2 + 3

    • Anto you fill me with disappointment, A model targeted by Skarre’s Feat can’t Trample because they can’t make attacks which includes Power Attacks (hint is in the name). 😛

      Forgetting to put Stones around my Stalker to double port on Turn 1 to kill that Angel is probably why I’m on the WTC Team playing Trolls and not Circle…

      • Wow, that’s crazy! He was still SPD 8, so he probably had speed, but neither me nor Anto caught that. Had I known that, I likely would’ve used the Scythean instead, as it could run in and engage her, and put Typhon in front of Deathjack.


        Edit: Totally embarassed none of us caught that. It must’ve been skipped over in the craziness of the game. This definitely calls for a rematch then!

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