It’s in the Blood #4 Lesser Used Models

Unfortunately I’ve only gotten a few games in with Grim2 over the last few weeks so I don’t have much in the way of new insight on how to play him. I can drop this mind blowing fact on you though: Winter Trolls still aren’t worth the points. Instead of dwelling on that fact though I’m going to talk about some models that I don’t think Troll players include in their lists often enough. This isn’t to say that some of these models aren’t seeing play right now or that every, or even most, list you build should have them. Instead I’m saying that these are some options Trolls have that I don’t think people take advantage of nearly as often as they should. So without further ado you should try playing with:


Scattergunners probably compete with Burrowers for my favorite Troll units. Not to say that they’re the best Troll units I just deeply enjoy playing them. The reason why Scattergunners are good is easily summarized in one word: Sprays. Sprays are good. Sprays ignore Cover, Concealment and the firing into melee penalty. They also allow you to attack multiple targets at once. The best way to run Scattergunners is just behind your tar pit unit. Once your tar pit unit has engaged (or been engaged) it’s really easy to aim with Scattergunners and spray your opponents models off your unit so they can charge. With the Scattergunner UA you don’t even kill your own models doing it! These guys reliably perform better on the table than their simple rules would indicate. I recommend giving them a try. I put them in so many of my lists now. You should consider them with: basically everyone but especially Madrak2, Grim1, Grim2 and Calandra

One of these Trollkin is using his gun incorrectly

Sons of Bragg

These guys are another unit that doesn’t look quite worth it on paper. Unlike Scattergunners, though, they have a ton of abilities it’s just that they don’t seem worthwhile. I’m here to tell you that they are amazing. Really it all comes down to how amazing Fervor is. +2 to hit and damage is amazing all the time but it’s pretty epic on MAT 7 Weapon Masters. The melee punch these guys put out on a charge is an awesome thing to behold and it only gets more amazing when you put Troll buffs on them. The best thing, though, is Tor’s Spray. Under Fervor it’s RAT 8 POW 14 which is phenomenal. Add in the fact that he can Assault to threaten models 17” away from his starting position and it becomes a bit bonkers. These guys are great mid to late game finisher models. They can do serious damage to anything your opponent has left over after the initial clash of armies and get a ton of work done. You should consider him with: Almost anyone but especially Grim2, Madrak2 and Calandra.


So everyone knows that Runes of War is a thing and that Runeshapers are amazing in it. What I’m advocating here is putting Runeshapers in other lists. Even at 4 points these guys are boss. ARM 15 with 5 boxes is pretty durable and Tough with no Knockdown is always hilarious. Their Rock Hammers are Magic Ability 7 POW 14 Crit Knockdown AOEs. Tell me you can’t find a use for that. Add in Tremor for knockdown on a stick and Force Lock when they’re with Janissa and these guys can do a lot of work. The real problem is that 4 free points isn’t always abundant in Troll lists. I actually really like 2 units of them as flanking forces for any Beast Brick list. Try them out in more lists especially if you already own them for Runes of War. You should consider them with: Any list you’re already bringing Janissa and the Krielstone in.

Slag Troll

I love this guy. He is seriously my favorite light warbeast. The thing with him is that he’s like the Pyre Troll except he does some serious work. The Pyre Troll is handy for being 5 points for an awesome animus but his gun is really only useful for occasionally setting something on fire. If you want to shoot something dead take the Slag Troll. The ROF 2 is huge and Erosion makes it amazing vs. warjacks and certain Cryx solos and Circle models. I love them most of all with Grim2 but I think he has a spot in a lot of lists looking for a shooting warbeast that gets some work done. I love them in pairs. Also his animus is awesome. You should consider him with: Grim2, Doomshaper1, Borka, Grissel1, Madrak2, Calandra and Gunnbjorn

I don’t have a clever comment here, I just love Slag Trolls.

Storm Troll

This guy is another light warbeast with an awesome gun. Honestly lists with a shooting heavy light warbeast battlegroup are a neglected part of Trolls I think. There’s some serious dojo to be explored here and the Storm Troll should be considered a big part of that. His gun does D3 boostable electro leaps from the main target. That’s surprisingly awesome on the table. Also electro leap on a stick for one fury is great at clearly infantry. He has my favorite situational but weird elemental troll ability too. If a warjack hits him it becomes disrupted which means it can’t buy attacks with any Focus on it! I find that a little hilarious. You should consider him with: Grim2, Doomshaper1, Grissel1, Madrak2, Calandra and Gunnbjorn

Gatormen Posse

So we all probably know that Gatormen Posse are basically the best heavy infantry in the game and may even have read one or two of those pointless Champs vs. Gatormen debates. I’m not hear to tell you that Gatormen are better. The two units really fulfill different roles. What I’m hear to tell you is that you should probably consider playing Gatormen more often than you are. Champions are good, don’t get me wrong I love the guys, but only when you’re bringing our faction buffs along. In a vacuum Gatormen are better. Now Trolls are rarely in a vacuum but sometimes you don’t have the means to support heavy infantry but you want some anyway. Take Gatormen. They’re amazing without support and even benefit from some non faction dependent support (like Mortality, Quicken and Star Crossed). You should consider them with: Calandra, Grim2 and Jarl.


This little one point filler gets overshadowed a lot by the Swamp Gobbers but he should really see more play. The ability to keep one of your warbeasts on the table is surprisingly useful especially in a faction that stacks armour as high as we do. Generally your opponent will only have enough attacks to just kill one of your warbeasts and having a Feralgeist keep that guy alive can be pretty demoralizing. His other amazing use is as a tool to screw with Colossals. Put him in front of a Huge Base and you can really dictate their movement since Colossals will rarely have enough movement to get all the way past him and can’t kill him because he’s incorporeal. Stopping a Colossal from charging or moving into a zone is totally worth one point. You should consider him with: Every list you have an extra point in.

Victor Pendrake

This guy is a brilliant little utility solo. His best known ability is Beast Lore which grants boosted attack rolls vs. Warbeasts for target mode/unit. This ability is amazing (can we say boosted attack rolls for Burrowers?) but often overlooked since it only functions vs. half the factions in the game. If that was all Pendrake had to offer I would say he’s not very good but luckily it’s not! He’s RAT 6 has a RNG 12 POW 10 gun with a re-roll to hit if he misses. That’s good for sniping solos. He also has a random magic sword and is MAT 6 with Dismember. My favorite though is his Bola gun. It’s only RNG 8 but it knocks down the target on a hit. Knockdown on a 2 point model is super useful. Worth noting that since Beast Lore boosts all attack rolls it works on offensive spells too. You should consider him with: Madrak2, Grim2, Borka and Calandra.

Seriously Pendrake has a slightly ridiculous number of weapons. I love it!

Saxon Orrik

Despite his great hatred for Pendrake Orrik is a model that feels really similar. He has one really well known ability, granting Pathfinder to a model/unit with 5” as a special action, but is also super useful utility solo. He has two melee attacks with Dismember for dealing with the odd enemy Warbeast and can add or remove a Fury from a warbeast he hits with his knife. He also has a decent range and POW gun and is an impressive RAT 7. Really though you’re taking him for Pathfinder and he’s worth bringing in Trolls when you want to give Pathfinder to a unit and still use a Fell Call on that unit. You should consider him with: Basically everyone but especially Grissel1.

That’s all for this week. Stay strong my brothers.


2 thoughts on “It’s in the Blood #4 Lesser Used Models

  1. Stu great write up I think you really hit on some really good options. I agree with you completely on the SoB. I was not to excited about them on paper but once I started putting them on the table I fell in love. I absolutely LOVE gatormen with Jarl and usually play Jarl with mostly minions/mercs anyways. I like to take Saxon as a “UA” for the SoB so I can charge what I want when I want.

    I have never fielded the scattergunners (being assembled) or the storm troll (just purchased) but I look forward to exploring them . I also never really paid much attention to the amount of good stuff Pendrake brings and now plan to give him a little more table time. Once again nice write up.

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