What I Learned on the Forums This Week 9


This weeks On the Forums sponsored by Bob’s Amnesia Rays for when you need to forget that someone said Rebuke on Harbinger was totally OK!

Netlisters are just the worst

You know what I hate most as a person who also writes articles discussing the use of specific lists? People who take specific lists they saw on the internet and use them to get enjoyment from a game they pay good money to play. Can you imagine it? It’s truly revolting stuff. Why doesn’t everyone just slave over designing their own lists. Sure this list might actually be the best list available for X caster but it’s already been taken and named after Y nerd-famous player who uses it so you have to take Kossites instead. Suck it up. All the good lists are claimed just go play your shit lists somewhere else. Alternatively we could not be judgmental pricks about people taking lists and in fact promote it since it allows players to try out different builds and play-styles and find what they like. It’s even possible that discussing and sharing lists could be a major part of the game and be of great benefit for your faction as a whole since no one has time to play-test everything. Or we could just bitch about those douche bag netlisters some more. Yeah that one sounds better.

Runes of War? Really? At least have the nerve to play it with 24 Runeshapers!

Marking Vengeance is basically a violation of Civil Liberties

Some of you may have seen the UK rulings document that was published recently. If you haven’t it’s a document that outlines some guidelines for high level play to inform you how the UK Judges will be handling certain situations and what will inform their rulings. One of the suggestions was that you should mark Vengeance when it triggers. Then shit got weird. People threw phenomenal hissy fits (the technical term) bitching about how this was tantamount to changing the very foundation of the game. Never mind that you’re not actually required to do it, see the bit about guidelines, and that Vengeance really isn’t that much of a game changing ability. Reason and rationality had no place in this ranting shit-storm that quickly spilled over into personal attacks and nonsense. How dare the Judges inform players of how Judge rulings will be handled at major events! How dare they expect reasonable and productive feed back on those guidelines! This is the Internet for god sake and only Hitler would expect rationality on the internet!

You’re wrong because X is always better

Do you know why I read the forums? You might guess it’s so I can have material to put on this site but obviously that would be self serving reason. Know I read the forums so that some guy from the middle of nowhere on a different continent can tell me that my list choices/tactics are wrong because his favorite thing is better. Or perhaps he will condescendingly inform me that my choice doesn’t suit the current meta. He’ll leave out that the meta he means is the North American meta and maybe his geography is so bad he doesn’t notice that I’m not living in North America. Perhaps he just assumes I’m living in Dublin, Ireland, Ohio. Everyone’s Meta is different don’t assume to tell people what’s good based on what you know about your area’s meta. In addition to this looking down on someone’s meta because it doesn’t match the ‘national meta’ and assuming it’s not very competitive makes you look like an ass. The ‘national meta’ isn’t the product of perfection in list design. It’s heavily skewed by the preferences of the top tier players who participate in it, like every meta everywhere.

Pictured: The totality of Warmachine players. Suck it rest of the world!

If we just keep asking eventually PP will give it to us!

The specific example I have in mind here comes to use from the True Faith but it shows up across the forums in various ways. Players demanding X warcaster or Y character beast. In this case it’s the Paladin Warcaster that Menites have wanted since Mark I which lots of people expect will be right around the corner. Now obviously it’s about to come out because like 10 people have been demanding it for ages and PP likes money so they’ll give in eventually. Jason Soles himself, apparently, even said that they didn’t plan to release one in the near future, or was it soon, like 4 years ago. That was 4 years ago! That must mean that enough time has passed that he’ll be out any day now! I do want to qualify that I feel there is some difference between these demands and the Devilsquid Steelhead Warcaster campaign. Devilsquid’s campaign was a joke. Sure he also actually wanted to see the warcaster that was eventually Damiano but he wasn’t really expecting it to happen.

Hero Thread: Views on Vindictus Competitively by jessecarter1312

This thread is pretty class because I really like Vindictus. Initially I didn’t like his model but it’s really grown on me and I really like what he does. If I ever cave and start playing Menoth and I’m not driven mad by painting all that filigree I’ll play Vindictus. This thread is one person innocently asking if people have any advice on playing Vindictus and instead of getting the usual same-old tactics vomit storm that comes with the Forums he gets legitimate useful advice for playing Vindictus. This is totally what the Forums should be all the time. Player asks question and gets reasonable and useful advice. Way to go! Also there’s some pretty cool Vindictus tech in this thread which is a bonus really.

Sure he looks a bit like an egg, but check out those organ pipe smoke stacks!

Thanks for reading, see you next week!


6 thoughts on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 9

  1. I watched the Iron Gauntlet qualifier last night and this one – “When moving a unit, measure movement distance for all models individually. When you move a model in a unit, you can not go back to adjust the position of a previous model in that unit.” – was definitely not enforced, and nor should it be. I think between reasonably players it shouldn’t be necessary. I play, like most players by the ‘state your intention and then do it if there’s no objection’ rule. The UK rules seem to be designed with the base assumption that one of the players is trying to dupe the other one in some way.

    • Judging by the reception that the rules have been receiving, it seems that a lot of players like to rely on duping their opponent to get victories.

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