It’s in the Blood #2: Hunter’s Grim, the List

The Hunter’s Grim are the Trollbloods’ newest Warlock and his little friends and they are absolutely brilliant. They have so much potential that it is hard to know exactly what the best way to play them is. As with all brand new releases they will require thorough testing to determine what the best lists for them are. On the page before you I will be chronicling my various experiments with The Hunter’s Grim. In this our first discussion I will be focusing on my current 50 point list and pick it apart in extreme detail.

Without further ado the list is:

The Hunters Grim, 4 warbeast points
-Slag Troll, 6 points
-Slag Troll, 6 points
-Troll Impaler, 5 points
-Trollkin Runebearer, 2 points
Farrow Bone Grinders, Leader and 3 Grunts, 2 points
Gatormen Posse, Leader and 4 Grunts, 9 points
Pyg Burrowers, Leader and 9 Grunts, 6 points
Sons of Bragg, 6 points
Trollkin Scattergunners, Leader and 5 Grunts, 5 points
-Trollkin Scattergunner Officer & Drummer, 2 points
Fell Caller Hero, 3 points
Stone Scribe Chronicler, 2 points

The Core:

The list is built around combined arms by having viable shooting and melee threats. Grim2’s feat allows for the army to put out one round of really accurate shooting and Mortality helps boost both the accuracy and damage of everything in the list. Models like the Burrowers, Sons of Bragg, Fell Caller and the beasts all have some sort of shooting but can also do a lot of damage in melee which makes it harder for your opponent to guess what you’re going to do on your turn. The list is supposed to be a little unpredictable and able to adapt to whatever your opponent brings.

The Hunter’s Grim:

Gotta respect the hat.

I’ll spare you a lengthy discussion of all of the things The Hunter’s Grim do and just talk briefly about the key abilities that really make them tick.

Headhunter: A RNG 13 POW 13 Magic gun is a super useful tool. Being able to shoot Pistol Wraiths off the table is really handy as is the ability to put a bit of damage on an enemy ‘caster on your feat (23” threat range). Lots of warcasters don’t appreciate taking some damage early on, it keeps them honest.

Krump’s Trap: I’m still getting used to placing this but as a piece of denial it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s obviously great at shutting down charge lanes for infantry but lower armour ‘jacks/beasts (especially warpwolves) are pretty scared of it. Sure on average dice you’ll probably be fine but what if I roll that 8 and your activation ends? Can you risk that?

Mortality: Grim’s bread and butter spell. It’s effectively +2/+2 which is amazing and shutting down healing is just so good. You’ll cast this almost every turn.

Mage Sight: Lots of games this won’t get cast but the ability to shoot Tartarus off the table early is really good. Don’t forget that it doesn’t just shut down stealth, battlegroup models can ignore forests and clouds when drawing LOS to models in the area. Did Lich2 just lay down a wall of clouds? Well fuck him! I’m going to ignore that and shoot Tartarus and his arc node off the table like a boss. The utility of this spell should not be underestimated.

Mirage: I’ve covered this under Scattergunners’ entry since it should be on them most of the game.

On My Mark (The Feat): There are two great uses for this feat. First is getting the edge in attrition. This one really focuses on the +2 to hit for all your Scattergunners’, warbeasts’ and Burrowers’ (if necessary) shooting. The +4” range is primarily to make it easier to aim with some of those models. The other use is as a later game assassination tool. This part of the feat primarily focuses on your warbeasts and Grim. That +4” range suddenly makes two Slag Trolls really scary. They’re each packing ROF 2 hand cannons and they can boost either to hit or damage for both shots. +2 to hit from getting a model (generally a burrower) within 5” of their caster is extra icing for this tasty death cake. The threat of this assassination can sometimes be worth saving the feat if you don’t need it to get the leg up on attrition.

The Slag Trolls:

I love Slag Trolls. This list really makes the most of them because they’re in it not for their animus, which is amazing, but because they have an awesome gun. RNG 8 ROF 2 POW 12 with RAT 5 might not seem amazing but trust me it is. The extra die of damage against non-living models is amazing vs. Cryx, warjacks and Circle constructs but even when you don’t get it the gun is still great because of ROF 2. Mortality makes this gun effectively RAT 7 POW 14 which is serious damage and getting two shots from each of your two Slag Trolls is some serious threat. The fact that they’re not terrible in melee either, MAT 6 P+S 13 two attacks, really rounds out an altogether solid beast. This warbeast is here to do work and man does he do it. Also being immune to corrosion is sometimes hilariously good, looking at you Ravagores, as is the ability to give that to your warlock.

Fear my acidic spittle!


Unlike his role in most lists the Impaler is in this list not as an animus battery for Grim but instead to buff other models. Grim’s RNG 13 is easily enough for him to get his work done but Muggs’ RNG 8 snare gun could use a bit of range help as could the occasional Slag Troll. The Impaler is also just a really solid ranged beast with his POW 13 spear and Crit Smite. Like the Slag Trolls the Impaler is here primarily to shoot stuff and occasionally if necessary put his animus on a key model.

Trollkin Runebearer:

This guy’s job is simple: cast harmonious exaltation on Grim. Making Mortality cost 2 (3 total with the boost) makes Grim so much more effective. With this guy Grim can upkeep Mirage, cast a boosted Mortality and boost hit or damage on a shot with his gun while still keeping one transfer. He also has the potential to throw out a Mortality once per game, or cycle Mirage late game, which is super useful.

Bone Grinders:

These guys are the closest thing to getting cut. It’s not that they don’t do anything, +2” of range on a spell for Grim is awesome, it’s just that I’m not sure they do enough. The real advantage I’ve found with them is that the extra 2” on Mortality makes it easier for Grim to aim and RAT 10 Grim generally doesn’t have to boost to hit. Not having to boost to hit means he can boost damage. I also like the idea of 10” range on Pursuit for getting the edge on a late game piece trade but so far none of my games have gone that far. Usually they end by assassination on Turn 2 or 3 or else with clear scenario dominance by Turn 3.

Gatormen Posse:

Gatormen are probably the best medium infantry unit in the game and they are amazing without any support. That said if you have support to offer them you can turn this unit up to eleven. Mortality + Gatormen is amazing. MAT 9 POW 15 Gatormen will kill stuff dead. The other benefity, though, is that Gatormen are still brilliant even if you don’t support them. They can hold a flank on their own and make a serious contribution to the game even if Grim2 can’t offer them anything. This is important because while Grim2 has awesome support to give he has a lot of demands on his very limited resources. Having a unit that loves getting that support but functions just fine without it is really useful.

We will eat your tasty tasty Mortality-ed models.

Pyg Burrowers:

Grim2 + Burrowers might be my favorite thing. The thing that Grim2 does for burrowers that no other Troll Warlock really offers is that he can actually have them shoot and be terrifying. Shooting a Mortality-ed target under Grim’s feat makes Burrowers RNG 8, RAT 8, 10 if they aim, POW 16. That kills stuff really well. So Burrowers become a serious shooting threat. That’s awesome right? Well consider as well that they’re still the same old terrifying Burrowers you know and love. Mortality + Fell Caller and they’re MAT 8 with two attacks, P0W 10 and POW 16, which is also awesome. The key to this unit is versatility. Burrowers can be used in so many different ways in a Grim2 list that it’s hard for your opponent to know what you’re going to do and it’s nearly impossible for you to not get some work out of them.

Sons of Bragg:

The Sons of Bragg offer you more options. Wrathar and Rhudd fill a similar role to the Gatormen. They’re really hard hitting, accurate, and just generally effective without any buffs but with Mortality (or Acidic Touch) they’re fucking amazing. I tend to run them with Wrathar and Rhudd out front and Tor in the back. Wrathar and Rhudd charge in to wreck key enemy targets, Cryx arc nodes being one of my favorites, while Tor is saved for whenever his Spray will do the most work. With Mortality and Fervor Tor’s Spray is RAT 10, 12 with feat, POW 16. That is scary. Add in Assault and you can threaten models that are 17” away from where Tor started his activation. This is surprisingly useful for killing enemy ‘casters. Have Grim Mortality and shoot the ‘caster then apply Tor’s spray to do some serious damage. Add in one more accurate shot (Impaler maybe) and a lot of ‘casters will be dead at your feet.

It’s the chorus line that makes them awesome.

Scattergunners + UA:

These guys are amazing with Mirage and it should probably be on them as long as you have at least three still alive. I run them in a wave behind my other models since Clear lets them ignore my models for spray and it helps me clear models off of Gatormen or Burrowers so that they can charge key enemy targets. Mirage is brilliant for two reasons: it lets you aim more reliably and it lets you line up your sprays better. That 2” shift allows you to get your SGs into position to spray multiple enemy models without having to spend their movement which in turn lets you aim. RAT 7 Sprays are awesome. If you add in Mortality these guys will clear out some surprisingly tough enemy infantry. Mirage will also let you shift out of melee with enemy models if they run to engage you which is pretty awesome.

Fell Caller:

He’s there to buff Burrowers so they can actually be a melee threat. He also can get some serious work done later in the game with his Spray or two weapon master attacks. Mortality makes everything better and this guy is no exception.

Stone Scribe Chronicler:

Like the Fell Caller this guy does his usual support stuff but he has two things he offers Grim2 that are why he should probably always be in the list. Firstly Hero’s Tragedy is brilliant for making Mortality more accurate. A knocked down enemy warrior model is an ideal Mortality target and can either save Grim the fury for the boost or make the Runebearer’s once per game Mortality super accurate. This is a great way to clear an enemy unit that just charged your front wave so that you can get to the tender pieces of your opponents army behind them. The other thing the Chronicler offers is Tale of Mists on Grim2. The benefits of always having concealment on your Warlock are pretty obvious but the other awesome benefit is Feign Death. There are times when it might be worth your while to try and Knock Down Grim, either via Krumps trap or head butting him with one of your warbeasts, so you can give him Feign Death. Feign Death shuts down targeting with either spells or shooting which can seriously mess with some ranged assassinations. This isn’t something you’ll necessarily use every game but it’s a nice card to have for when you really do need it. Preventing Caine2 from shooting you to death is always good.

Stay a while and listen…to my magic stories

So that’s a very long discussion of my current Grim2 list and the reasons behind. I hope you found it informative and maybe even interesting. In a weird move for me I don’t desperately want to change anything about it. I do intend to play few more games before swapping out the Bone Grinders to see if I miss them. I’m just not sure what I want to put in the list to replace them…

Next time we’ll be discussing how the list has been doing on the table and what possible changes it might require once it has been properly stress tested.

Stay strong my brothers!

4 thoughts on “It’s in the Blood #2: Hunter’s Grim, the List

  1. Nice write up. I have been testing Grim a little but haven’t gotten as many games as I would like. I have attempted to play the MK with him but he is about to be cut from my lists. I have to agree with you about the burrowers ability to be amazing at range with Grim which can throw people off. I have been trying to stay away from the bone grinders for the time being but if you are going to play them have you thought about a witch doctor too? You can use the Doc to make the Dygs fearless if need be and late game you can sac strike the bone grinders so they don’t feel like just a range buff bot. I haven’t tried it but been playing with the idea. I love this guy so much it feels like we can play anything available to us and make it solid…..well almost anything.

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      I’m planning on dropping the Bone Grinders soon and playing a few games with them to see if I really miss the +2 range. I’ve also been playing quite a few 35 point games recently with this list minus Gators, Bone Grinders and the Impaler and been getting on pretty well.

      I’m definitely considering the Croc Doc or else some sort of Commander for the list. I had initially not taken a Commander to support the Burrowers since they mostly end up shooting if there’s an enemy that causes Terror in front of them. However, I’ve found that on my opponents turn he usually engages my Burrowers and they run away anyway which is super annoying in this list because this is basically the only list I’ve had where I have enough Burrowers survive to make burrowing a second time worth while. They definitely need something to make them at least better command if not fearless.

      My next article on Grim2 which may go up tomorrow if I find the time to write it up or else will go up next week will cover changes I’m thinking about making for this list as well as other pieces I’d like to try out with Grim2 but don’t really fit in my current list structure.

      • Yeah my only games so far have been vs Cryx and all had DJ so command was a concern for me. I have been playing/theorymachining at 50pts. I hope to get some games in this week and want to try out the blitzer with him. I think the volume of attacks could do some serious wrok but will have to see. I have been enjoying watching/listening to people theorymachine Grim2 and I look forward to seeing more of your thoughts/changes.

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