What I Learned on the Forums This Week 6


This week we journey through the looking glass into a world of very bizarre logic.

The Thrullg is Great!

I don’t know how I never saw it before but the Thrullg is apparently actually quite good. He’s definitely better than the Trollkin Sorcerer and even though he costs three times as much you should take him instead of the Sorcerer every time for upkeep removal. Now I know you might be thinking that he costs two more points and has to kill one of your models to work but really those are only nit picky differences. This is especially the case when you consider how much more work the Thrullg does than the Sorcerer. There is in no way a game where the Thrullg will achieve nothing while the Sorcerer could totally get killed in a game without doing anything. The thing that never ceases to amaze me with the Sorcerer is how much time people spend talking about Winter Storm, a basically shit ability, and how little consideration his Magic Ability 6 RNG 10 POW 12 shot gets. He’s a one point model with a RAT 6 magic hand cannon. Sure it’s 2 inches shorter than a proper hand cannon but come on, he’s one point! In what backwards ass land is the Thrullg the better option for your list!?

Why not Thrullgberg?

More Hate for Gaspy2 and Haley2!

The thread was only about Gaspy2 but much like that really annoying couple who always do everything together Haley2 had to join him and make things awkward. The last several pages of the thread are actually about how to deal with Haley2 running her Stormwall into the middle of the table and threatening to feat on Turn 2. In true Forum fashion this discussion was very reasonable and filled with good points- no wait. It was stupid with lots of ridiculous examples that don’t match how the game is actually played. This thread had one of my favorite fixes for Gaspy2 though. Change his feat to only bring back Living Models. That would be totally fair and balanced. The greatest bit of truth I got from this thread, though, was that MAT 7 is basically the same as MAT 6. They’re only one different so clearly it’s not a big deal. Bane Knights are basically MAT 7 and that’s that.

What if we just Constantly Errata-ed Things!?

Some threads are just gifts that keep on crazy-ing and this topic comes to us from a thread we’ve already visited this week. In some peoples minds Warmachine is apparently a game made by magical pixies who labor day and night to produce a wonderful game for us to play. There is no limit to their time only a limit to the quality of their product the first time they make it. Surely if we just complain to the mystical Privateer Pixies they will go through all of the released models every year and tweak them to be slightly more balanced while simultaneously producing new and exciting content for us! The only thing that’s stopping them is proper motivation which can be provided by long, moronic, boring rants on the forums which are, of course, magically transmitted to their pixie brains so they know what we’re saying. It’s a foolproof plan really. Or, alternatively, PP works really hard to produce new content for us and being as they’re still only a small company (nowhere near the size of Wizards of the Coast so please stop comparing Warmachine errata to changes in Magic it’s stupid and you’re stupid for thinking it) they can’t afford to constantly revise previous models. The models released are they way they are, bitching about it just makes you look stupid on the internet.

Searforge Players are just…I Dunno, Annoying?

I’ll start off by saying it’s not that I hate the idea that people play Searforge only armies even though it’s obviously the wrong choice since Searforge is shit. I mean obviously the Dwarf ‘casters aren’t shit and Forgeguard aren’t shit it’s just that the contract is shit. What bugs me to no end is how much Searforge players push their annoying esoteric views onto the rest of us. At least once a month, like clockwork, someone starts a ‘What if Searforge Became a Faction?’ thread. If I ruled the world doing this would be a war crime. It’s never gonna happen guys, move on. This crap is a big middle finger to other Merc players who aren’t morons because it just says ‘we don’t want to be in your faction.’ Second offense committed by Searforge players: pretending that because they play a shit contract they are hardcore. You’re not hardcore, you’re an idiot. If you play Searforge because it’s a fun side army and you like the dwarf fluff, or just like dwarf models, that’s fine. I got no beef with you. If you play it and keep insisting its competitive you just have to be a ‘hardcore Searforge player’ to understand that then you’re an idiot and please stop saying things. Cheers, I appreciate it.

Primed Forgeguard are so good you guys!

Hero Thread(s): WTC Tables by Menace and theproffet

This week we’re visiting the terrain building section of the forums for two absolutely amazing tables being made for the WTC. While these threads technically started some time ago both of them have received substantial updates in the past week as they’re nearing completion. These tables are gorgeous and if you haven’t seen the latest updates, or even seen the initial postings, you should definitely check them out. Really impressive stuff.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks report, come by next week where we’ll have special guests Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

13 thoughts on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 6

  1. Hi I’m sebbo6 and as much as I love to see my name in lights I can’t claim one of those awesome tables as my own. Loving the blog though

    • Right you are, I have no idea how I did that. Must have been a long week… Cheers for the correction though! I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

  2. “The models released are they way they are, bitching about it just makes you look stupid on the internet.”

    Model cards do get updated.
    Rules also get updated.

    Just not very frequently, because PP feels that the cost outweighs the benefits.

    • Rules get clarified but hardly ever do you see a rule actually change unless it’s to correct a problematic interaction with another rule. The only models that were changed to re-balance them are Lich2 and the Blood Hag and both of those changes were very early in Mk II. Expecting models to be re-balanced regularly is foolish as is assuming you understand the complex inner-workings of PP. I’ll also point out that the official PP stance is that they feel that every model they release is playable. Are they all equal? No, but in their view they are playable. Don’t expect them to rush to change models just because you don’t like them.

      • I don’t see why you seem so dismissive of continued adjustment, neither why it and new content production should be mutually exclusive; what I do see, however, is that you are the only one making assumptions about “the complex inner-workings of PP”.

      • Continued adjustment will never happen. In their few comments on the subject PP staff have made that pretty clear. Demanding it on the forums is pointless and dumb. Being dismissive of things that are pointless and dumb for comedic effect is what I do here.

  3. I’d argue that the Thrullg is still quite a good model; it just serves as utterly different a purpose from the Troll Sorcerer as is possible. The Thrullg wants to go take away Iron Flesh, Defender’s Ward, Spiny Growth, and other buffing upkeeps and animi from the opponent; the Sorcerer removes enemy upkeeps from your own dudes. Using a Thrullg to remove enemy upkeeps on your dudes is an option, I guess, but an inefficient one to be done as a last resort.

    • I’ve never really gotten work out of my Thrullg but I also struggle to fit him into lists. I don’t think he’s terrible but certainly in Trolls at least I find I don’t have 3 point gap to fit him into most of the time. Also I really wish he had blessed so that he could more reliably hit things with Iron Flesh or Defender’s Ward to remove them. If he does work for you though, great, I was mostly annoyed about comparing him to the Trollkin Sorcerer despite them being completely different models.

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