What I Learned on the Forums This Week 5


Hello again! This week we’ll be spreading the love a bit as some of these threads come to us from sources other than the Main Forums.

More Colossal and Gargs Stuff!

There’s something about Gargossals that just makes people seem to say crazy stuff. The threads on them really wander to all of the weirdest places. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. In a move that is basically unheard of the OP basically declared that Gargantuans are better than Colossals…and then no one contradicted him. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, Colossals are clearly better but on the other hand it’s absolutely amazing to see someone talk about Gargantuans, in this case the Archangel, without bitching and moaning. The thread quickly wandered off topic, though, into a weird debate about the Judicator where, of course, people compared guns directly. In this case the Redeemer’s gun vs. the Judicator where they conveniently ignore the fact that the Judicator also comes with two sprays, a shit-ton of health boxes and two giant goddamn fists. I ended up with one take-away from this thread and I think it’s a good one: The internet would be a much better place if someone invented a method wherein your keyboard gave you an electric shock every time you typed the word ‘objectively.’

Epic Skarre is objectively terr- Ow! Son of a bitch!

Khador Players Won’t Innovate

In fairness to some of the Khador players this doesn’t apply to everyone but man there is a vocal section that is seriously stuck in a rut. They seem to finally be coming around to the Outriders since some people have finally figured out that Sprays are good and MA 6 isn’t what makes them shit it’s what makes them not broken. It was looking good until I saw a thread discussing the new IF Kovnik and learned that apparently Iron Fang Pikeman are shit and this might make them playable but it’s too little too late. In what backwards world are IFP bad? It may be a meta thing but I see IFP across the table all the goddamn time and Iron Fleshed IFP are an absolute pain in the ass. The new Kovnik just makes them terrifying. Also extra points to the person demanding examples of how factions have adapted by bringing back old models that didn’t see play before for proposing an argument that no one will win. I could start listing off examples of instances it happened, the rise of the Menoth gunline for instance or the sudden invasion of Runeshapers once people realized Runes of War is amazing, but I’m sure no matter how many I name it will never be enough. Instead maybe you should just pay closer attention to what does and doesn’t see play. If you’re looking for an easier option, though, you could just not make stupid declarations.

Let’s Fix Broken Models By Making Them Shit!

This was a hell of a thread I gotta say. It was about 50% bitching about Stormwall and how he’s amazing but it had some other direct shots at power casters like Lich2 and Haley2. The best, or worst depending on perspective, parts were when people proposed simple fixes to drop the power models to a more balanced level. Things like making Gaspy2 spend 10 focus for his feat to work or Stormwall sacrificing all of his attacks to put down covering fire templates thereby bringing him to the power level of a standard Cygnar heavy. I also saw someone legitimately state that Haley2’s feat is on par with Mark I Morghoul2’s feat of Everyone is Blind. If you can’t see why that’s not the case I can’t do anything for you, I’m sorry. Blind is busted as fuck, Haley2’s feat is not that. I can’t help but wonder if people are desperate to convince themselves that some parts of this game are broken because that way they can excuse how they suck at the game. Lich2, Haley2, Stormwall are all really good I’ll give you that but they are not broken. Is it a seriously tough game against them? Yes, deal with it and practice more. Play a ton of games against Lich2 until you know the match-up like the back of your hand. In short, stop sucking.

Brokenly awful is still broken right?

Brokenly awful is still broken right?

Hardcore was Better When it Sucked!

I’m sure you are right now lamenting the removal of the double loss from Hardcore and declaring that tie-breakers in Hardcore are the least Hardcore thing of all. I’ll admit that the only time I played Hardcore it was with the double loss instead of tie-breakers rules and while that’s a bit of fun it does not make it a serious format. Eliminating half the tournament in the first two rounds just because they had a good close game does not make a competitive format. Nostalgia for Mark I things is always weird. I doubt most people who lament the Hardcore change actually played in Mark I. Also, Mark I was three goddamn years ago people! I know some events have kept ‘Mark I Hardcore’ alive as a format but that doesn’t mean that’s what official Hardcore is anymore. Things change, get with the time and maybe consider the current Hardcore on its own merits instead of comparing it to magic fairy land Hardcore where unicorns shit rainbows of brutal competition. Extra points to the guy who thinks Grim1 is still an assassination caster. Grim1 stopped being a viable assassin three years ago when they took away his auto knockdown nuke, get with the times.

Hero Thread: pSorscah, 2 months on by Octavius_Maximus

I know I totally ragged on Khador players up above but I’ve got some proof that some players are still producing interesting shit. This guy has been playing Sorscha1 since October and has now decided to do a brilliant write up on his experience. There’s some awesome underground tech in there for a warcaster who does not see nearly enough play. This is easily one of the best tactics articles I’ve read, definitely check it out.

Gotta respect that hammer.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go correct someone who’s wrong on the internet. Stay classy friends.


3 thoughts on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 5

  1. mark 1 e-morghoul was perfectly fine! it was the fully fuelled up 5 soul token’d weapon master ancestral guardian walking through models to your caster that was the problem!

  2. Hardcore – one event which had to have shortened times was won by on tie breakers by a player bricking in the zone and I cannot believe the amount of complaining it has generated. If that does turn out to be a viable hardcore strategy then you take lists to counter that.

    I think there has been a fair amount of Khador mwah lately. Khador has actually been doing really well competitively as well so I don’t quite get it.

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