What I Learned on the Forums This Week 2


Another week, another report from the front!

The Archangel has a bad animus.

I know right? Mind blowing stuff. I had never noticed that its animus was bad until every thread that ever mentioned the Archangel devolved into a discussion of how its animus was bad, and because it costs lots of points you can’t take other good animi since Legion has no access to cheap animi. I know I struggle to fit Shredders into my lists. See I actually quite like the Archangel, it’s not amazing or anything but definitely solid with a few warlocks which means it should see some pla– oh wait, is its animus bad? No really? Sorry, I forgot that this point completely negates my argument. Maybe we should talk about the Archangels animus for about half this thread that started on a completely different topic? That won’t annoy anyone will it? Eh, whatever, I hear it takes a long time to work, like 3 turns or something? Or was it rounds? The game ends on Round 4 usually so it probably takes most of the game to function. Oh right, sorry, I got lost there, where was I? Did it have something to do with Baying of Chaos?

Of course not, it's terrible!

Remember what my Animus does?

Gargantuan Rules Are What Make Gargantuans Bad

I’ve read complaints about how basically no rules that Legion has effect the Archangel. It’s immune to basically all of their feats and some other stuff, like slipstream I think? More recently I’ve seen other factions begin to argue that what if they could move their Gargantuan outside of its activation then suddenly we could have Crushering Mountain Kings or Refuge-ing AAs/MKs. PP is not going to errata the basic rules of how Gargantuans work so that they can move outside of their activation. Accept that as part of how they work and instead of thinking about how many great movement shenanigans you could put on your Garg maybe try playing with it as the rules are written. This applies in a more general sense to all conversations about Gargs: stop wishing for what was and start playing with what is!

Mark III is just around the corner!

Apparently some people believe that 2014/5 will see the beginning of a new playtest for a rules changeover to Mark III even though PP seems uninterested in even making a Mark III much less one that soon. Nevermind that the broken mess that was Mark I lasted 6 years before they started a new rules set and Mark II is only in its 4th year. I’m sure we’ll see that playtest announcement at next Templecon right alongside the new Hordes faction they’re announcing, after all Mark II started with the launch of Ret! It’s basically right around the corner after this Warmachine book. No…wait that’s madness. Mark II is not broken, there are some sub-optimal models true but that’s no reason to do a game wide reboot of all the models. Does anyone even remember the Mark II playtest? It was hell! It’s a real testament to PP that we got the great game we did out of that swirling vortex of Forum noise. The earliest possible date we could see a Mark III playtest is 2016 (6 years after Mark II Warmachine playtest ended) but really if we’re being reasonable about it I wouldn’t expect Mark III before 2020 if ever. Sorry chaps, your Gargantuans are staying the exact way they’ve been written. Better get over it!

Pro Tip: It wasn't!

I was SPD 5, 11 points and had Overtake. And everyone said it was Balanced!

Focus and Fury Fixed!

My brother once described the experience of watching the show 12oz. Mouse as being punched in the brain. He saw this as a selling point of sorts but I’ve found it to be an apt description of the effect certain experiences have had on my psyche. Sorry I’m not sure what that had to do with this discussion. There’s another, surprise, Fury vs. Focus thread. This one is somewhat unique in that instead of suggesting that Fury be made worse it wants to make Focus better. Still a bad idea, generally unremarkable, pretty sure Forum community in general cooked and ate the OP alive in response. Usual stuff. The first post does start with one of the longest and least interesting explanations of how Focus and Fury work and why they are different. That’s a thing that happened….Moving on.

PP Hates Minions

I once met Jason Soles, true story, and first thing he said when I walked up to him was: ‘Do you know what I hate more than anything else? Farrow. Seriously F— those guys.’ He then told me all of the new releases Minions would see for the next few years, the next pig beast is going to have the Archangel’s animus. On a more serious note, but not too serious, the idea that PP actually hates one of their factions is just…well it’s dumb. They chose to make those factions, it’s not like they had to make Minions a playable faction. They could have just not bothered.  A couple of points on this topic:

  1. Pigs are not a faction. Gators are not a faction. Minions are a faction. People who insist that their half of the Minions faction is actually a full faction rank just above Searforge Purists on my irrational anger list.
  2. Typing out ‘Fanboy/Pressganger’ anywhere in your post will not make you any friends. Don’t do it.
  3. Privateer Press is not going to respond to your demands to answer a clearly loaded question. We already know PP’s answer, it’s that they don’t hate Minions. Done. Solved. We can all go home now.
Or maybe because someone thought he was cool

This guy exists so that real factions can kick his ass.

Rules for Cat Interference (General Discussion)

This thread is awesome, go read it. Example from first post:

‘Warmachine/Hordes: Rules for Cat Interference
Cat – Natural Disaster
Cat may enter play at a time of its choosing.
Cat may be removed from play (gently!) at any time by any player.
Models that are knocked over by Cat are Knocked Down. Models hit by this attack that can not be Knocked Down may immediately stand up.
Models moved by Cat are considered to have been successfully hit by an aoe with origin: Cat and Pushed to their new location. Once all Cat attacks have been resolved, the controller of the affected model may change the model’s facing.
Models moved fully outside of the play area by Cat are removed from play. Affected models do not leave a wreck or generate a soul or corpse token. Fury can not be reaved from affected models.’

Fight the good fight fellow forumites!


6 thoughts on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 2

  1. As a relatively open-minded Legion player, I *love* the Archangel, but I do have to admit that I don’t really care for its animus. The problem isn’t that the animus is bad, or that it occupies point slots (seriously?) but that the Archangel is such an investment that you need to be able to focus on protecting it. There will pretty much never be a time where the Archangel doesn’t have spiny growth or tenacity on it. Now, righteous flames could be useful on some warlocks who like to sit midfield, like pThagrosh or Absylonia, but they also tend to prefer straighter defense buffs. The problem, therefore, isn’t that its animus is bad, just that a 2pt beast’s animus is almost always better. Everything else the archangel has, though, is great, though passive consume on a P+S 19 bite can be a bit redundant against anything except maybe Menoth.

    • I definitely agree that the Archangel has a bad animus which I can see basically no use for. I’m just really frustrated because so many discussions I read about how to use the Archangel (a model I think is quite good) get side-tracked by people complaining about the animus. I’ve read threads that started out on non-AA topics and somehow been derailed by someone into complaining about the animus.

      P+S 19 consume bite is pretty weird. It doesn’t bother me too much because I don’t think the AA went up in points for it really, it’s just a funny ability. I do wish I hadn’t sold off most of my Legion, though, since one-shotting the book sounds super fun.

      • The book’s large based, so it wouldn’t work on it, That said, consume is still pretty cool, since it auto-kills zealots, vilmon/paladins, every type of errant, and one or two other annoying menoth pieces.

        I don’t think the animus is “useless”, but it’s definitely not my first choice 9/10s of the time. I think I’m probably going to be using it off the bloodseer’s primal magic more than the AA itself or any warlock.

  2. ‘Man-Sized: This model is treated as a model with a small base and occupies the space from the bottom of its base to a height of 1.75″‘ This rule on the book lets you Consume him like a boss.

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