How to Spice A Gorax – Introduction

Spicy Gorax

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a well cooked meal, and nothing quite as splooshifying as a well cooked meal that makes your guests giggle wildly at the idea. If you are like me, and my local meta, you talk about Warmachine way too much. As I write this, we are sitting around a table, drink is flowing and warmachine banter abounds. It was at one of these little pow-wows that the idea for this column came to being. And Menoth be praised we are going to do this thing. So sit back, set yo’ taste buds to salivate and welcome ladies and gentlemen, to How to Spice a Gorax.

How to Spice a Gorax is a column dedicated to the many different cuisines of Western Immoren. We will explore as many Factions as we can, you, me and my trusty ladel Stoya! The first dish we will be covering is a Khadoran Peasant Stew. This will be a simple dish, filled with flavour and the tastes of Khador. Now for obvious reasons not every Faction will get a dish that could/would be eaten in the reality of the game. (I am just not comfortable eating Long Pig). But every Faction will inspire a dish in some way or another.

This is not the most serious of columns, it is at the end of the day a way for me to share things I love with you and with my friends. So keep that in mind when you read and please enjoy! 🙂

Looking forward to cooking with you!



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